[BB] Simba
Senior Administrator
#228 Overall Ranking
3,051 Kills
2,935 Deaths
1.04 KDR
351 Performance
290.2 Score per Minute
Nuketown last map played
13 hour(s) played
49 week(s) since first connection
27 day(s) since last connection
70 connections
233 Messages
[US] Bandwidth Bandits Nuketown HC/C last server played
19 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned ali.ba for Youve been warned multiple times about camping.
24 day(s) ago
Banned Lust666 for Ban Evading
27 day(s) ago
> dammit Corey
> its IP based
> gg
Reported SnipersOfBlade for test report
59 day(s) ago
Temporarily banned Eddie for We dont tolerate racial slurs here!
13 week(s) ago
Temporarily banned Ñàéìîí Ãîóñò for report abuse
16 week(s) ago
Banned Je Suis for You appear to be cheating. Appeal at discord.io/bbclan
19 week(s) ago
Unbanned mister salami for Scanned and unbanned. - Simba
21 week(s) ago
Warned Don Vergas for chill
> GG
> hey Annie :)
> "
22 week(s) ago
> can you discord marty
> wtf did mike do
22 week(s) ago
Temporarily banned IgorevichX for discord stuff
Unbanned IgorevichX for apology in discord
Banned IgorevichX for toxic, appeal at discord.io/bbclan
Banned IgorevichX for You are incredibly toxic. Appeal at discord.io/bbclan
22 week(s) ago
> brb
> lol Classic I see the scrambler then i start getting scared
> fuckin nades
> ffs
> ?
> gg
> lol now im sucking
> dude ive been on some wack shit lately idk whats up