[BB] ImZeRo
#258 Overall Ranking
2,932 Kills
2,058 Deaths
1.42 KDR
333 Performance
320.3 Score per Minute
21 hour(s) played
29 week(s) since first connection
27 week(s) since last connection
44 connections
195 Messages
27 week(s) ago
> its almost like he knows where im coming from every time i see him
> nah hes definitely walling.
> yeah hes full of shit.
Warned FashyGoyim for dont be disrespectful in our servers.
> i swear they should only allow people with ping sub 150 join this server.
> hes literally skipping all over my screen i cant touch him
> i cant hit royal renown.
> its annoying i know.
> dont disrespect the admins.
> i've only just got my game working again, i had a fatal error and had to completely reinstall the gam
> hey Jester.
> its always tickled me why people use scrambler, you're just telling the enemy where you are :P
> mute why oh why did you join with a p90. this isn't going well for you.
> its sad
> im not going for the sniper, im going for the try hard.
> 3 snipers and you pull out p90?
> aw come on dude.
> ive only had it a week i love it
> G502 mouse my dpi settings go from 400 to 4000
> i think im on 4000 right now
> ima switch to max dpi lets make this interesting lol
> sniper only?
> ok see ya there
> you seem a little cranky there help, how you doing buddy?
> i wish they'd put a stock map server up.
> lol, you're on a 24/7 skidrow server?
> lol im not the admin
> i dont know but you seem a little upset, are you sure you're not?
Warned Help for dont disrespect the admins.
Warned Help for help stop camping!